Independent Front Suspension


  • Includes beam, steel “A” arms, adjustable stainless rod ends on top arms, “low rider” stubs, manual rack and pinion, coil over shocks (adjustable height and polished alloy top and bottom spring caps).  New ball joins, tie rods, bushes, bolts and fasteners.  56” stud face width.
  • Polished stainless “A” arms
  • Chrome USA made 3 way adjustable damping rate (height adjustable)

Front Suspension

HQ Holden “low rider” stub axles 2” lower than original

Polished stainless steel steering arms

Front spring 1¾” wide.  Standard or reverse eye.  Raised dimple each end of leaf to retain a teflon button (produces very smooth spring ride).  Springs made to any length

Steel spring shackles with bushes

Polished stainless steel spring shackles with bushes
Polished stainless steel dead perch

Polished stainless steel bat wings

Polished stainless steel perch bolts

Polished stainless steel lower chock mounts

Polished stainless steel  5/8 angle rod end

Polished stainless steel  5/8 straight rod end

7/8” steel 4 bar set – set of four

7/8” stainless steel four bar set
(4 bars have s/s adjuster rod end at one end)

¾ Rod ends

1” 4 Bar set s/s