Standard Framing and Features

The following framing and features are standard to all car bodies.

  • 2.5mm thick steel tube framing for extra strength and safety
  • Two 2.5mm thick steel tube intrusion bars fitted inside each door for side impact and accident protection
  • Fully adjustable hidden hinges with built in door stops
  • Flush fitting inside door handles
  • Hand laid fibreglass mat for uniform quality
  • High quality and more expensive resin to reduce shrinkage and ripples
  • Window channels inside and around top of doors with manual window regulators fitted
  • Concealed leaver (by window glass) or original door handles
  • Thick panels
  • Burst proof door catches
  • Woodwork installed for upholstery
  • Fibreglass floor
  • Under sills panelled to the chassis for strength and a clean look on Hiboy cars