1932 Roadster

 Refer to Standard Framing and Features for more information

  • Plain and flat firewall, stock or 50mm recess
  • No cowl vent
  • No small swage on cowl behind bonnet
  • No swage under windscreen
  • New clean-look dash (flat where gauges fit)
  • Doors slightly thicker with inside rebate for a tidy upholstory fit
  • Reshaped doorjambs for wind sealing door rubbers
  • Doors can be hung from front or rear pillars
  • Steel framing for safety and strength
  • Restyled swage across back of interior compartment above top of seat
  • Improved water channels around boot opening
  • Rear inner guards have flat, vertical sides, so tires won’t rub
  • Rumble seat or standard boot options available


FENDER PACKAGE – Includes two front fenders, two running boards, two rear fenders, 1 tank cover and pair chassis horn covers

GRILL COMPLETE – Using our fibreglass shell listed below, it has 43 folded steel bars
installed into slots. These bars are installed using a jig and the
result is perfection. Stainless steel bars are an additional

SHORTENED GRILL – 50 mm lower

GRILL – Complete with original stainless steel insert

BONNET TOP – A one piece top with an inward flange along the sides for strength and for
mounting bonnet hinge kit. Can be made stock length or 35mm longer .

TAPERED BONNET – 25mm lower at front

CONVERTABLE ROOF BOWS – Complete roof frames modified to suit hotrod windscreen posts. Folds down below the top of the car body. Made of steel , Polished stainless steel is an extra

BONNET SIDES (pair) – Plain look, with an inward flange along top and bottom for strength and mounting. Can be made stock length or 35mm longer

BONNET SIDES (pair) – Recessed style

TUBBED REAR INNER GUARDS – Inner guards can be moved inwards to enable large tyres to be fitted

REAR ROLL PLAN – 50mm deep, 128mm deep with number plate recess

RUMBLE SEAT – This option uses strong mounting points off the chassis to prevent cracks
appearing in the bodywork. Extra steel is also installed inside the boot lid

Posts Hotrod – no windscreen frame required (pair)
Posts Original but 50mm shorter (pair)
Frame – used with original style posts
Dash – Plain & flat